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Are you interested in getting your designs in front of key buyers, the press and retail customers?

Would you benefit from your designs being SOLD in one of the top retail locations on London, if not the world?

How many customers & buyers could you impress with a 1 month retail opportunity – including custom window display for 7 days?

Would you like to see your designs in magazines like Vogue, Glamour, and InStyle UK – at a launch party?

MAD fashion are proud to announce Novus (Latin: new, fresh, novel, young, unusual, unprecedented)

Exhibitions are expensive, full of buyers who are extremely cautious and will probably not place orders until they’ve seen you two or three times.  The big buyers want to know how well your designs sell, who your “name” customers are, but are very unwilling to take risks on a new brand. How to you get around this, by accepting small orders from small boutiques who may/may not push your brand in the right way.  This is a lose-lose situation for everyone.

The High Streets (in the right locations) are full of people who have money to spend, want to find the new/up and coming brands, want to be fashion leaders, in short, your ideal customers.  But with buyers unwilling or unable to take risks, how can you reach them?

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Novus are launching a new opportunity, offering a small range of complementary brands (8-10) in a prime location – think Kensington or Chelsea for 1 – 2 weeks.

Our designers will be able to sell directly to the public (giving you the margins you deserve), show to buyers in a calm relaxed manner (not the fast, let me swipe your badge, high pressure exhibition situation), and thanks to our launch events, you will get the PR and customers that you need to make an impact in the UK.

Do you have a brand that would suit this location, are you competing with the likes of Amanda Wakely, Stella McCartney, Noe? If you are more main stream High Street, get in touch, we have a second site launching for brands that target this niche.

Our aim is to find the right mix of brands to meet the expectations of our retail customers, trade buyers and you, the designers.

All stores are fully manned by MAD Fashion staff, and welcome any designers who want to spend time in the store as well - it's a great way to find out exactly what customers really think about your designs.


Red Carpet PR Party



We will be inviting more than 30 buyers from the leading stores, as well as 150 top boutiques, to our opening event. This is a chance for you to spend time talking about and showing your designs in a retail situation to the people who can launch your designs to the public on a national/international scale.

In addition to the buyers opening, there will be a retail launch party. We will be inviting a range of celebrity and key customers to this highly glamorous event. We will work with our award winning PR company to ensure that this is covered by the main fashion magazines, this is a chance for your designs to be associated with the right buyers. UK fashion is highly celebrity driven, and the right PR can make all the difference.

We will be working with our PR experts to get our store and brands mentioned into around 100 UK and European publications. This includes all the the major fashion magazines as well as the daily newspapers such as The Mail and weekly magazines like OK. To achieve this level of market penetration as a single brand, without a retail presence is almost impossible.

All this PR is good for your business, but the real Novus difference is the retail customers. Working with our fashion partners we have a database of over 100,000 potential customers, who will be told about your brands, and through our Novus Card scheme will be given special discounts. This gives you the chance to make very significant sales, within the tight time frame.

The Novus App gives our customers a discount on all brands,and it allows our designers to build up a mailing list of actual customers very quickly. A win-win situation that you won't have with traditional boutique.

If you are serious about launching your brand in this highly lucrative market, and prepared to invest time and money to work with MAD fashion, please get in touch and we'll explain how we can help you.