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Veronika Jeanvie is one of the most famous and perceptive couturiers in Europe. She is the one and only Ukrainian who has presented at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. Veronika Jeanvie has her own showroom in the world's fashion capital, where she spends a lot of time with famous couturier Paco Rabanne creating new collections together.

The multifaceted character of Veronika Jeavie's creative work can be easily explained: it is hard for her to keep herself within any genre, to satisfy herself with any one trend or format. She doesn't care about today - she lives in future and creates for it.

That's why Jeanvie Fashion is not just clothing but an entire philosophy.


Paris Haute Couture
Fashion Week
Paris - 2007

Los Angeles

Fashion Week
USA - 2008

Fashion Week
Riga - 2008

Kremlin Showings

Moscow - 2008

Fashion Week

Moscow 2007- 2009

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