MAD fashion

Why does MAD Fashion exist? Surely the existing routes to market work? In our experience, Not as well as they could. Young design brands have to focus on developing the artistic standards of their collections, they need to source manufacturers, whether artisan or industrial and then get the collection into the multi brand retailers. All the while, focusing on the collection for the next season and beyond. This places an enormous strain on the designer and their business.

Recruiting a full time sales team for a new brand is a heavy financial burden for a business, but how else can you get your designs in front of the right buyers. The buyers that will set the trends that others follow? The buyers that can Make a Designer.

We offer many years experience working with top brands including Vivienne Westwood, Dolce and Gabbana and DKNY combined with the business experience of developing £ multi million turnover business in industries ranging from Construction to Energy to Recruitment,

Most recently we raised £300 Million for Environmental projects in the UK and are promoting a new product into Starbucks UK and Ireland.

We speak fashion, but we also speak business.

In addition to promoting your collection, we are also experienced in creating, launching and developing additional avenues for your brand - Sunglasses, Perfume, Handbags and beyond.